Client Testimonials:

Debbie Lillwitz

When I started on the program with Sherrie, I wanted to add more fresh fruits, veggies and whole foods to my daily diet in the hopes of losing weight and toning up.

Sherrie helped me work toward these goals by staying in regular contact through a private FB group page and speaking to me on the phone and in person.  Not only did she share a shopping list of foods that would help me reach my goals, as well as healthy, nutrient-dense recipes, she also guided me toward an exercise routine that was geared to my fitness level.

Sherrie is very motivational and supports me and the group every step of the way with positive feedback to our progress and encouragement if we stumble. With all the recipes, articles, ideas and motivation that I get from Sherrie and the group, I am able to make healthier food and drink choices.  And, when I have a “cheat day” or stray from the program, I know it’s not fatal… I just have to get back on the plan the next day or the next meal!

Sherrie’s fitness, food and fun program is very realistic and balanced – she boils it down to choices that we make and how we can make simple changes to improve our lives and our health, one change at a time.

Because of these changes, I have more energy and feel better overall! My body feels stronger and healthier, and I haven’t been sick like many others around me, so that makes me even more excited to keep following the healthy eating plan that Sherrie designed for me.

I would recommend Sherrie to EVERYONE!

J. Karre Parker

Working with Sherrie Graham makes you feel like you can accomplish anything!   Her mantra that "Small Changes make a Big Difference" gave me hope that even with a busy schedule, I could start to regain control of my health.   Through her One-on-One coaching, helpful recipes, and the extremely valuable postings on Facebook, I received the daily encouragement I needed to know that I was not alone in my struggle.   Total Body in Balance!  You continually remind me that I'm in control of my choices for better health and a better life.   Thank you!

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